Nicolai Fuglsig / Director

A graduate of the Danish School of Journalism, Nicolai Fuglsig came to directing only after an acclaimed career as a photojournalist. In 1999, his book of photos of a classified nuclear accident in Russia won the ICP Infinity Award in New York and the World Press Photo First Prize. Following he won the Kodak prize for Best Photographer in the World Under 30. But it was while on assignment photographing the conflict in Kosovo, that Nicolai followed an impulse, purchased a video camera at the airport, and recorded footage that eventually became a powerful 15-minute documentary, “Return of the Exiled.” The non-fiction stunner aired on Danish National Television and in the Danish Cinema. The ultra-coveted invitation to make a short film for Levi’s soon followed, and Nicolai travelled to Haiti to shoot “Possessed Jeans,” a viral based on authentic Voodoo practices. And, with that first short film, Nicolai Fuglsig’s career as a filmmaker took off.

Nicolai has won over 170 accolades for his commercial direction including 2 Gold Lions and 4 Emmy nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, taking home the award in 2013. Nicolai has also been recognized twice by the DGA for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials, winning the award in 2007 and again in 2014 with Guinness “Sapeurs”.

Nicolai has been featured repeatedly in the Gunn Report and last time he was being as director of one of the best 20 commercials of the century for his legendary Sony Bravia film.

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