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Jacob Raben
Executive Producer
+45 40 73 51 91

Jacob has worked professionally with TV, film and commercials since 1993 and has a vast, full circle, experience from working both within agencies as well as production houses. Drawing on his vast international network when producing everything from local to global campaigns for some of the largest advertisers around. He has won several international awards for his work.

Niels Kau
Executive Producer
+45 28 45 04 03

Niels Kau is co-founder of Nobody along with Jacob Raben and have since 2006 built up an international production company representing some of the most recognized and talented directors coming out of Denmark. Originally started in the creative department of an agency but have since 1997 worked internationally as a producer within Commercials, TV and Film. He has taken home several international awards for his work including gold and silver at Cannes lions.

Claus Møller
Executive Producer
+45 42 70 47 04

Claus, is a highly experienced producer, from hundreds of commercials, music videos, and fiction productions, both nationally and abroad. Claus loves to tell a good story, to get involved in every part of the process, and every time strives to make the best and most cinematic film. He will never take, no for an answer, and will always make sure to get the best possible outcome.

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